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COVID-19 Support

Getting back to our daily lives will require increased efforts in screening, contact tracing and remote monitoring. Consistent with the guidance from the CDC, our RN-led contact center can screen symptomatic patients, provide contact tracing services, and deliver remote monitoring programs for patients and their contacts while in quarantine.

Screening and Triage

As the country increases the COVID testing capacity, resources are required to help screen symptomatic patients and identify those that need testing. Lacuna Health’s licensed Registered Nurses understand medical terms and principles of exposure as well as when to refer individuals or situations to medical, social, or supervisory resources.

Nurse Triage

COVID testing is vital and needs to be deployed properly. Our licensed Registered Nurses can help efficiently triage patients and help identify those that need testing and steer others to the appropriate resources and settings.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing and self-quarantine is critical for COVID positive patients and the people that they have recently been in contact with. Our trained and experienced call center workforce is selected and measured by their interpersonal, cultural sensitivity, and interviewing skills needed to build and maintain trust with patients and contacts.

Contact Tracing Requires People Making Contact

Our team is uniquely positioned to remain nimble and responsive as the COVID-19 mitigation plans evolve consistent with CDC guidelines. Our program can also coordinate with public health agencies, healthcare providers, lab testing and sequestering sites to optimize contact tracing efforts.

Patient Monitoring and Support

Remote monitoring for symptomatic individuals in self-quarantine will be an essential component for containing the virus and the recovery of our communities. Our remote monitoring programs can include integrated monitoring devices and 24/7 alert monitoring capabilities. In coordination with healthcare providers, we can provide symptom management and help support the needs of those in quarantine.

Trust in Professionals

Recovering from COVID and adhering to self-quarantine can be difficult and stressful. We can help alleviate fear and foster trust with our highly experienced RN led clinical teams. We monitor physiologic data and alerts as an extension of healthcare providers to help symptomatic patients receive the care they need and support their recovery needs.

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