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Outsourced medical monitoring creates practice efficiencies allowing you to redeploy your staff and focus your time for those patients who are escalating and most in need of your attention. Improve the experience of your patients and increase your practice revenue with our turnkey remote patient monitoring and chronic care management programs.

Remote Patient Monitoring

In 2019 CMS recognized the importance of monitoring patients outside the walls of the doctor’s office and approved new CPT codes for remote patient monitoring (RPM). We help practices deliver this innovative form of care.

Care That Drives Revenue

CPT Code 99453 + CPT Code 99454 + CPT Code 99457 + CPT Code 99458

Can result in $450,000+ in additional practice revenue*

* Estimate based on CMS physician fee schedule national average for 500 patients enrolled annually

Clinical Data is Only as Good as Those Who Use it.

We offer practices the ability to care for their patients beyond their own walls. We monitor physiologic data and alerts as an extension of your practice to help your patients receive the care they need at the right place and the right time.

  • Enable practice efficiency
  • Improve patient engagement and outcomes
  • Increase practice revenue

Chronic Care Management

CMS recognizes the importance of chronic care management as a critical component of primary care. Our team helps practices take advantage of expertise and capabilities to execute on CCM without adding staff.

Continuity of care that integrates with everything in your practice.

Post-discharge we contact patients at a particular cadence to assess their progress and needs including:

  • Monthly interactions with patients of at least 20 minutes
  • Developing comprehensive care plans in conjunction with your practice
  • Physician updates on a patient's change in status
  • Coordination between specialists and home health
Add Revenue Not Resources

CPT Code 99490 ​ + CPT Code G2058

500 enrolled Medicare patients can generate over $250,000 in annual revenue*

* Estimate based on CMS physician fee schedule national average

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Meet the People Behind the Call

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